Udgam CSR Award

CSR mandate has completed over one thousand days by now. The journey so far has been a remarkable one and full of topsy- tourvy.for businesses. The year 2015 witnessed unprecedented agreements by the international community, such as… Sustainable Development Goals-SDGs, Paris Agreement on climate change action, etc. These agreements are directly linked with the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s New India concept, these conceptions encompass businesses to perform and communicate their performance on Social, Economical and Environmental fronts with linkages to SDGs.

The year 2016 and onward calls for translating these agreements into actions and to achieve these goals. The CSR mandate in its integration with New India concept and SDGs, provide a platform for the businesses, civil society and public enterprises to adopt holistic approach and perform in a sustainable manner.

While SDGs provide an opportunity for businesses to assess their impacts on the SDGs and review their strategy, the New India concept is a model for the civil society and individuals to be a part of and to contribute towards nation building. The CSR mandate also calls for measuring and communicating their impacts for the Governments to measure and monitor progress and effectiveness of their interventions.

Although this journey of “Making a Difference” and contributing to “New India” concept is promising, it is equally challenging. Identifying an appropriate CSR projects and their beneficiaries, lack of active involvement of all stakeholders, absence of effective monitoring mechanism, scarcity of skilled human resources for project implementation, etc. are the few of the obstacles that impede the judicious utilization of funds fully in a stipulated timeframe.

With a view to appreciate the CSR journey, innovations, impacts, efforts and their contribution to the nation building, UDGAM Charitable Trust, along with its organizing partners Insight Associates and Pratap Bhanu Singh, who are recognized leaders in CSR and Sustainability Reporting capacity building are organizing Training Programs, Seminars, Workshops and Conferences across nation and cross border.is announcing UDGAM CSR Awards 2017. This award is asserted as a mark of celebration and to honour the organizations and individuals that have significantly contributed in the societal, environmental and economical advancement through their CSR projects. The UDGAM CSR Awards 2017 is scheduled to be held on November 23, 2017 at Vishwa Yuvak Kendra, New Delhi. This is a second consecutive year that UDGAM Trust is organizing such event.

The objective of this conference and award event is to bring excellent CSR practices to the light and to disseminate such practices across nation and to the rest of the world. The objective is also to encourage enterprises to join hands with their stakeholders, co-create value and give their bit in The New India concept – the nation building mission.

This award is to recognize and honour the most accepted and exceptional CSR initiatives in the country. It is an acknowledgement of the noble contributions towards bringing in revolutionary and transformative change in the development sector through innovation and excellence.

The Awards comprise of 23 categories and is open to all companies irrespective of their being covered under CSR mandate. It is open for nomination by all companies, Partnering entities; Corporate funded foundations, NGOs and an individual as a special category.

We extend our invitation to this prestigious event and be a part of country’s leading CSR Awards in respective categories. We also invite participating organizations to present a case study/presentation before the jury.

Award Categories

Health care and wellness: Project on Preventative & Curative Health, Technological services in health care sector, Projects under Swath Bharat.
Education and training: Projects for education… including infrastructural support, education for specially-abled, capacity building, awareness and training for community.
Skill Development & Entrepreneurship: Project on vocational and Entrepreneurship training income generation.
Socio-economic development: Projects on SHG capacity building, village upliftment, livelihood opportunities, market-linkages and value chain creation for agricultural & community products.
Climate Change & Environment:  projects related to conservation, renewable energy, Sustainable transport, Climate Change initiatives. Projects for Three “Rs”(Reduce, Reuse & Recycle), eco-system balance, environmental sustainability, waste management.
WASH: Projects for water & waste water management, sanitation & hygiene under Swachh Bharat Mission, projects for behavioral change towards use of sanitation and cleanliness.
Women Empowerment: projects for Promoting gender equality, Economic empowerment across all sectors and infrastructural projects for women.
Development and Infrastructure: Projects related public utility and facilities, Smart village development, Slum area Upliftment, eEtc.
Special Category: Projects for sports promotion, empowerment of specially abled and vulnerable groups (Old age, transgender, orphanage, street children, war widows, etc.), Employee Volunteering Initiative.
Art & Cultural: Projects for promotion and conservation of art & culture, etc.
Cause related campaigns: Awareness and advocacy campaign, digital Media Campaign, Print media campaign, Branding Campaign, etc.